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25.4.2010 - Awesomeness!
So, KGJB's been up for a month and you people have apparently welcomed us back. Up to this point we've had 282297 hits and counting! That's A LOT! Thank you awesome people, and keep on listening!
Also, the second Keygen Collab is on! It is awesome and you should check it out.
Sorry about the lazy email answering, will try to fix that

17.3.2010 - Grand Reopening!
Hi! Sorry we were down for a while. Keygenjukebox now back armed with a redesing of the layout. We offer all the same songs that were present at the previous version, and all your old links should work correctly. If you find a song that doesn't work for some reason or another, just send an email to admin[at] This site is a pet project of ours, so we intend to keep it going.

And oh yeah, the logo's called "Blocky" ;)